About this blog

This blog is targeted to explore network technology from bits to packets and understand the theory and operation of networks from end to end.
Firstly, I will post all the equipments used in modern networks, and introduce them one by one in high level.
To understand how the packets travel inside home PC/host, switches, routers or servers, I will write some articles about components or devices inside those equipment, and try to explain the path of the packets from
high level.
Secondly, I will explore all the software technologies sitting on the top of hardware equipments. Operating System, Ethernet, TCP/IP, L2/L3 protocols, Virtualization and Cloud computing belong to this category.
Thirdly, I will learn how to operate the network equipments using hardware and software knowledge. Mostly
I will pick up some certification materials, study them from scratch, and share the notes with people who are also interested in network technologies.

All the information is personal overview, and some may be not right. If you find, please let me know,  I will try to correct them.